About Me

Hello! My name is Holly Lenahan and I’m a 21 year old veterinary student and show jumper. I was born in Sydney, Australia but I have been living in Ireland since I was 8 years old.

I first starting riding when we moved to a house which was conveniently located across the road from a riding school. I think every little girl has dreamed of riding ponies at some point in their life, and my parents thought it would just be another phase. Oh boy were they wrong…

My first pony camp, aged 10 (2007)

My love for horses started there, riding fluffy ponies and learning my jumping position and how to rise in trot, and has only grown as years have gone by. I truly do not know what I would do without horses, and I hope to share my journey and lessons with you, though this blog.

I soon began to focus on showjumping, but with my relatively late start into the sport (in comparison to the top showjumping families who have their kids sitting on ponies before they can walk!), my time in ponies was not very successful results wise, but I did jump up to 1m20 in competition. Showjumping is where my heart still lies, and is my main focus to this day.

My pony, Mister Tagoat

Unfortunately my dreams of becoming an international show jumper were soon squashed by the realities of life and I set my sights on the job I thought would give me the most interaction with animals: veterinary medicine. I am now in my 4th year of vet school and will graduate in 2020 as a qualified vet! It’s been tough to juggle horses with school but with the great help of my parents, I’ve been somewhat managing.

The dream for the future involves working in equine reproduction alongside breeding and riding a few of my own horses. I am beyond excited to see what the future holds, but one thing’s for sure, it’s stinks of horses.

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